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Adriana M. Pio

Adriana Marie (Paioletti) Pio, 94, passed away peacefully early Saturday morning, 10 days after testing positive for COVID-19. Born on October 3, 1925 to Giuseppe and Rosa (Fracchia) in Montemagno, Italy, she immigrated to Springfield via Ellis Island in 1931.

She met her husband of fifty years, Henry P. Pio, at the Rialto skating rink and was his prom date later that year. In 1943, Henry enlisted in the Marines and served during WW II. They married in 1947 and settled into the home Henry built in East Springfield. They enjoyed a life filled with family, friends, and travel until Henry passed in 1997. Adriana later moved to Loomis Lakeside at Reeds Landing in 2011.

Adriana was predeceased by her husband and their son, Richard. She leaves her son Hank, and his wife, Patricia; her daughter, Mary Cassidy, and her husband, David; her daughter-in-law Karen; grandchildren Devin, Adrian and his wife, Jacqueline, Dante, Colin, Zachary, and Christina; her sister, Anna Marie Fredrick; nieces, Linda and Sandra, and her nephew, Joseph, and their families.

The family is very appreciative of the care, attention, and kindness provided by the staff and residents of Loomis Lakeside. It took Adriana some time to get settled into her new home, but over the years, she often expressed that this was the best place for her — “They are taking good care of me here.”

Adriana was a child of the Great Depression who saw her future husband off to WWII, then settled in to build their dream home and raise a family. She was part of the Greatest Generation who understood sacrifice was part of being an American. In their memories, the family requests we honor them at this time by wearing a simple face mask.

A private Christian burial was held at St. Michael's Cemetery.

Please visit for condolences.

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1 Comment

May 24, 2020

My condolences to Adiana’s family. I am in Florida and just heard of her passing. I have to say she was the sweetest lady I ever met. During the time I lived at Reeds she always had a smile and always held my hand to say something sweet or impart words of wisdom. You may remember the Meriingue cookies she bought at the Bazaar/Craft Fair every year, I was the one who made those. One package for her and one for her son! She was “sad“when she could no longer have them. She was priceless and I will miss seeing her when I go north in June.

Carol Byrnes

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