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Elissa E. Griffith-Johnson

Elissa Emily Griffith-Johnson, 68, passed away March 3, 2020. Born in New York City in 1951, she was the daughter of the late Jay & Thelma (Griffith) Johnson.

Elissa was known for her sense of humor and was always making those around her laugh. She continually fought for the underdog as well as the underprivileged. Elissa worked for many years in Human Resources. Being disabled herself, she was an advocate for the disabled and worked tirelessly to spread awareness for those in need. She loved her family and her time spentwith them.

She will be dearly missed by her daughter Mia Hanlon, and by her niece Delaney Griffith-Johnson of WA.

Sadly, Elissa was also predeceased by her sister Laura Johnson.

As were her wishes, Elissa’s services will be private.

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