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Guadin Rivera

Our Mom and Gramma, Guadin (Lopez) Rivera, 93, was like an Angel to us. She opened her arms wide to love and protect us. A devout Catholic, she raised her children and grandchildren to believe and rejoice in our faith. Her prayers gave her calm, healing, and hope. Compassion was limitless for our special Mom and Gramma. As we followed her example, we became a flowing circle of love and support for each other, that has sustained us for many years; in our hearts, the circle still flows.

Our special loved one liked to help others, including close friends, disabled veterans, the children of St. Jude, and the folks of all ages who happened to have disabilities. She significantly supported her own grandson who needed her, alongside his family.

Our Mom and Gramma was an avid gardener, self-taught seamstress, and creator of so much, that it would take pages to describe. She loved birds and all of God’s creatures, whenever possible, as well as pets of family and special friends. Roses were her favorite flower.

You were the loveliest, most faithful, and greatest mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend to so many. You would need deep craters to hold our love and the depth of missing you. You always told us, to soothe our pain and tears, that you would open your arms and embrace us with your warmth until we became stronger. She knew that each time we think of her, she will still be in our hearts, where she has always been.

She will be missed deeply by her family; son, Angel Rivera Lopez & wife Carmen, daughter, Carmen “Kitty” Taylor & husband Tom, along with her grandsons, James & Ricky Taylor, daughter-in-law, Linda Rivera Plasse, granddaughter, Alexandria Rivera, sister, Jenny, brother, Angel, cousins, nieces & nephews in New York, Florida, and the Carolinas, friends, Ana, George, & Nancy, and the Taylor, Plasse, & Anderson families, whom Guadin considered as her own family.

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Sep 18, 2020

Dear Titi Guada,

My heart feels heavy with your recent voyage; however, I understand that we all have a mission to fulfill in this life. I firmly believe you certainly fulfilled yours without limit. Your energy was a healing essense to those that came in contact with you and now that energy has unified again with its original source: the core of creation. We will all unify there someday in our purest quintessence; therefore, I say to you beloved Aunt Guada: "Till we meet again!" Love, Alida.


Sep 17, 2020

Dear Sister - I wish I could have said goodbye to you. I will never forget you; you will always be in my heart because I love you very much. May God keep you safe. Your loving sister, Jennie.


Jorge Santana
Jorge Santana
Sep 17, 2020

You will always be in our hearts and our fond memories of you. Our condolences to the family...Love...Ana and Jorge


Sep 15, 2020

Titi Guada will always be missed. Love to Carmen, Junior and the rest of the family. Strength, resilience and many blessings. Cristina, Tania and Sabrina Adams

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